HTML5 Poker, Casino, and Bingo Games

Optimize your gaming business with a custom gaming solution

Jackpot Digital develops and licenses a robust iGaming platform with HTML5 poker, casino and bingo games.

Jackpot Digital’s iGaming online and mobile platform provides an interactive, engaging gaming experience with complete operator control. We design customized websites, casino games and poker rooms to complement your unique brand, tailored to fit your requirements.

HTML5 Technology

Works across all major devices and platforms

No installation necessary

Playable in both portrait and landscape mode

Target broader audience

Remote Gaming System


Jackpot Digital’s mobile poker platform offers first-class poker games, including Fixed Limit, Pot Limit and No-Limit Texas Hold’em, Fast Fold Poker, and Chinese Poker (13 Card Poker). Jackpot Digital’s user-friendly mobile poker client allows operators to launch fully-branded gaming networks with great new features such as resizable tables, multi-table game play, jackpots, choice of avatars, real time chat, hand history, and much more.

Table Games

Our selection of popular casino tables games includes blackjack, baccarat, American roulette and European roulette. These games are designed with an intuitive user interface optimized for touch-based devices. All our casino table games are customizable with your company logo, table design style and table color scheme.

Slot Machines

We offer sixteen slot machine games with 5-reels, 20-paylines and free spins. The design puts the slot reels front and center, which completely fill the screen on mobile devices.


Our mobile gaming technology supports multiplayer tournament play such as sit & go, multi-table, and private multi-table tournaments. Our online poker room is developed with a comprehensive understanding of best practices and player expectations, thus providing an engaging player experience.

API Integration

The Remote Gaming System can be integrated into your existing iGaming platform or website by using our modern JSON-based API. Once integrated, your platform can be configured for either common wallet or separate wallet game play, depending on the requirements of your business or iGaming jurisdiction.

iGaming Platform

Jackpot Digital’s iGaming Platform provides a hassle-free user experience and complete control for the operator. All our solutions are highly customizable and we can tailor our live iGaming solutions to fit any requirement you may have.

Infrastructure and Security

Jackpot Digital’s iGaming Platform protects your customer data, maximizing security and performance using industry best practices.

  • Use of SSL Certificates and OAuth2 authentication
  • 24/7 monitoring and regular backups of production environments
  • Code obfuscation and/or encryption implemented in key components

Responsive Web Design

Jackpot Digital will build your business a custom responsive web design, which will enable your site to respond to fit any screen size across many devices, including mobile, tablet or PC. Your site will be optimized for mobile and will be ready to serve the growing smart phone and tablet market.

Advanced Backend Management System

Jackpot Digital’s powerful administration system allows operators to conveniently manage their online gaming operations with real-time data. Employee access to various functions can be precisely defined for each user or user group. All gaming activities and financial transactions are recorded on the Jackpot Digital iGaming Platform, providing operators with comprehensive analytics and reports to help better understand their business, and identify future marketing opportunities.

The Backend Management System offers the following functionality:

  • Player account management
  • Game and tournament configuration
  • Gaming activity reports
  • Accounting and finance reports
  • Promotions and bonus management
  • Security and system access

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