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About Jackpot Digital

Jackpot Digital is a leading electronic table game manufacturer and mobile gaming provider for the cruise ship and onshore regulated casino industry.

Our Competitive Advantage

Jackpot Digital is a positive disruptor in the casino business. Our flagship product, Jackpot Blitz, is essentially a digital ‘smart table’ which brings the social benefits of multiplayer casino games, such as poker, blackjack and baccarat, into the digital era. The 84-inch, 4k touchscreen creates a stunning player experience while controlling costs and maximizing operator efficiency, flexibility, and profitability.

Our proprietary, GLI certified software and hardware serve as a springboard to easily launch new gaming products for casinos or online.

Why Invest with Jackpot Digital?

Positive disruptor in the casino business
Jackpot Digital’s flagship product, Jackpot Blitz, makes Poker and other multiplayer games more fun for players and more profitable for casino operators
Huge beneficiary of economic reopening
Cruise ships and casinos around the world are experiencing a resurgence with pent up entertainment demand unleashing record-setting revenue numbers recently in Las Vegas. Jackpot’s tables operate aboard several major cruise lines including Carnival Cruise Lines, Princess, Virgin Voyages and Costa Cruise Lines, with installations aboard Royal Caribbean ships coming soon. The imminent re-opening of these cruise lines represents a significant revenue resurgence for Jackpot Digital.
Aggressive expansion into regulated, land-based casinos
Having achieved GLI certification for land-based, regulated markets, Jackpot is poised to pick up where it left off prior to the COVID pause, with aggressive expansion planned for the land-based casino market.
The global wave of online gaming legalizations presented Jackpot Digital with the opportunity to leverage its existing, GLI-tested online gaming assets into a new public company. Jackpot recently announced this proposed spinout which will be detailed by the company via news release in the coming weeks. If you’re a Jackpot shareholder on the coming record-date, you’ll get the dividend of new shares in a public company with a pure play on the explosive online betting space.

Our Global Opportunity

Jackpot Digital is the dominant global leader in the manufacture and installation of electronic poker table games, with a world of opportunity in front of us:

What Are Electronic Table Games?

  • Casinos are looking to decrease operational costs, increase revenues, and attract a new audience to their casinos. Electronic table games (“ETGs”) allow casinos to achieve all of the above through automation, state-of-the-art technology, and unique entertainment options.
  • ETGs are a cost-effective way to target new and lower-limit players to a gaming table. Millennials – the generation that grew up on playing video games – are accustomed to the multi-screen experience and are looking for new, engrossing forms of casino entertainment.
  • ETGs have risen in popularity over the last five years and have become more mainstream. Today, many casinos are installing ETGs on their gaming floor and committing prime floor space to ETGs like Jackpot Blitz™.

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Jackpot Digital is committed to dealing excitement to players, delivering results to operators, and creating value for shareholders.

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