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Jackpot Blitz®

The Ultimate Casino Gaming Experience

Jackpot Blitz® is a state-of-the-art electronic table game system that offers an exceptional player experience and unrivalled operator efficiency, flexibility, and profitability. Jackpot Blitz® will upgrade your table game operations and maximize your profits.

Jackpot Blitz® Features

Cutting Edge Technology

84" 4K ultra-sensitive and durable touchscreen

Gesture Control

Playing surface responds to hand gestures to replicate real casino play

Multiple Payment Options

Automated payment kiosk accepts cash and player cards

Industry Changing Mini Games

Simultaneously play favourite house banked casino games during or in-between poker hands

More Hands Per Hour

Fully-automated table with 10 player seats. Industry leading poker hands per hour

No More Manual Reports

Automatic report generation from any mobile device or computer

Real-Time Tracking

Real time financial and gameplay statistics

Reliable and Secure

Isolated servers prevent any security threats and allow easy game updates


Every Poker Hand: Additional Revenue with Side Bets

Players have an optional side bet at the beginning of each hand when their hole cards are dealt. It pays based on three-card poker hand of the three community cards on the “flop.” It has a house advantage of 10.53%.

Mini Games and Side Bets

Eliminate Downtime – Maximize Revenue

Poker is a skill game with significant player downtime during and between hands. Our suite of house banked mini games and side bets are available for simultaneous play, meaning players are engaged 100% of their time at the table. Anyone with a seat a Jackpot Blitz® table can play blackjack, baccarat, video poker, and place side bets on their poker hands Texas Hold’em and Omaha poker games.



Video Poker

Bet The Flop

Player Benefits

  • 84”4K ultra-sensitive playing surface

  • Responsive to authentic hand gestures

  • Play multiple games simultaneously

  • Fast, efficient error free game play

  • Excitement and authenticity of live poker

  • Intuitive
    and fun to play

Operator Benefits

  • Automated dealer allows ten player seats in a standard eight seat table size

  • Multiple player payment options (cash and room cards)

  • Modern and stylish design

  • Isolated server mitigates security threats

  • Easy table and tournament management via back-end system

  • Automated mobile reports eliminate manual tracking

Jackpot Blitz® is compliant with the requirements of GLI-24 and the National Indian Gaming Commission’s Class 2 Gaming Systems standard, in addition to the applicable requirements from GLI-12, GLI-13, GLI-16 and GLI-21.

Table Specifications

Space requirements

Space required for one table with chairs is 95 ft2 (11 ft x 8.63 ft)

Power and data (CAT5 or better) are needed at each table location


Length: 90.1in / 2.29m

Width: 58.3in / 1.48m

Height: 34.2in / 0.87m

Weight: 500lbs / 272kg (estimate)

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