Revolutionizing Casino Gaming

Jackpot Digital develops electronic table games and mobile games for casinos,
cruise ships, and online operators.

Eliminate Downtime – Maximize Revenue

Bet the Flop, Video Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat

Poker is a skill game with significant player downtime during and between hands. Our suite of single player, house banked mini games are available for simultaneous play, meaning players are engaged 100% of their time at the table.

Our Partners

Jackpot Digital is redefining casino gaming with innovative
and disruptive gaming products.

Jackpot Blitz™ is the most unique electronic table game platform on the market. This unique platform will upgrade your table game operations, maximize your profits, and entertain your casino patrons.

"Jackpot Blitz™ represents the next evolution of electronic table games.
Our product features best in class technology and innovative features, making it a must-have for traditional and electronic gaming operators worldwide no matter the size of their operation.
This product will truly revolutionize the fast-growing electronic table gaming industry."

Jake H. Kalpakian, President and CEO
Jackpot Digital Inc.

Jackpot Digital Features

History of Excellence

More than two decades of gaming development for gaming operators worldwide

Professional Service

In-house product team develops, manufactures, and services all products

Customized Support

Our deployment teams provide professional installation and setup of gaming machines

Made in Canada

Produced and manufactured in Canada to ensure high quality standards